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Health Careers OPEN HOUSE 2013

Antioxidant Study in Alzheimer’s Raises Red Flag

Intriguing ECG Primer Offers Clear Introduction to Resting ECG Concepts

All About Vascular Access: Your Gateway to Treatment

Master Arterial Blood Gas Sampling with this Comprehensive Guide

Calcium Supplements and Heart Health: New Study Raises Concerns

Arterial Blood Gases by Ramaz Mitaishvili is now in UK

Arterial Blood Gases: Purpose and Indication

Arterial Blood Gases: Definition

Wesley Sneijder’s second-half strike soar Japan

Master Arterial Blood Gas Sampling with a Practical Guide

Arterial Blood Gas Sampling

Mandela’s great-granddauther killed after World Cup opening event

Arterial Blood Gases now is available

Hitzfeld plays down Behrami fears

E. Coli found in Romaine Lettuce Widens

Ramaz Mitaishvili published new book

First publication of RM Global Health hits the press

Arterial Blood Gases: Sampling, Diagnostic Use, and Interpretation

American Association of Poison Control Centers Warn About Dangers of…

Resting ECG and Basic Interpretation Tips

Suspected Zinc Toxicosis in a Patient with Acute Kidney Infection

Arterial Blood Gases: Sampling, Diagnostic Use, and Interpretation

Common Sports Injuries

Resting ECG and Basic Interpretation Tips: Chapter 1

The Comprehensive Adult Health History

Hemochromatosis: Tests and diagnosis

Blood tests: Blood culture and sensitivity

Christmas Greetings from doctor Ramaz Mitaishvili

Meeting in LA Vocational

Arterial blood gas sampling: Definition and indications

Pediatrician accused of molestation

Hemostasis in brief

Russian military ready to battle swine flu

ABG Sampling: Complications and How to Avoid

Venipuncture on Children with Autism: A Brief Guide

Venipuncture on Children with Autism: A Brief Guide

Meeting in LA Vocational

CDC Guidance: Personal protective equipment

The Earth is missing a wonderful person; however, the Heaven…

Doctor Mitaishvili’s Commencement Notes

National Licensing Exam: On the first try for a 100%

Reconstructive Surgery Aids Swallowing After Tongue Cancer Resection

Declaration of the team of Media Project Abkhazia to Kremlin…

Declaration of the team of Media Project Abkhazia to Kremlin…

Declaration of the team of Media Project Abkhazia to Kremlin…

Responsible Surgical Innovation: Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES)

Pelvic Recurrence Common After Hepatic Resection of Rectal Metastases

Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery Reverses Metabolic Syndrome

Blood Transfusion, Anesthesia, and Surgery Linked to NHL Risk

Tracheostomy Tube Malposition a Common Barrier to Ventilator Weaning

The Role of Public Health in HIV Opt-out Testing: An…

Helping Patients With Asthma: Focusing on the Source

Facial Transplantation Shows Promise for Severe Disfigurement

Catheter-Directed Embolectomy Life-Saving in Massive Pulmonary Embolism

New Imaging Technique May Enhance Accuracy of Cancer Surgery

Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Could Reduce Maternal Deaths After C-Section

High HBV Viral Load at Surgery Tied to Liver Cancer…

Plasma DNA More Reliable Than CEA for Detecting Recurrent Esophageal…

Video Games Enhance Skills of Laparoscopic Surgeons

Earlier and More Aggressive LDL Lowering, or Better Approaches for…

Combination of Severe Depression and Antidepressant Use Impairs Driving Ability

WellCare to Pay $35.2 Million Amid Medicaid Probe

Cosmetic Surgery Booming in Britain, Study Finds

Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing May Be Safe, Effective for Facial…

UK Drugs Watchdog Chief Attacks Drug Firm on Prices

GORE-TEX Implants Seen as Safe Alternative to Graft for Rhinoplasty

Three-Tiered Approach Optimizes Rhinoplasty Results Among African Americans

Can Pharmacists Improve the Accuracy of Medication Histories?

Why Should I Report an Adverse Drug Event?

New Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Problems After Joint Surgery Identified

Chewing Gum May Enhance Recovery After Colon Surgery

Capillary Blood Gas Sampling for Neonatal and Pediatric Patients

High HBV Viral Load at Surgery Tied to Liver Cancer…

More Women Needed, Says American Association of Neurological Surgeons Report

Recurrence Rare After Prostatectomy of Organ-Confined, Lower Grade Cancer

Statins Help With Obesity-Related Plaque Progression After Heart Surgery

Medical Errors in US Surgical Patients Cost Nearly $1.5 Billion…

Attrition Rate Higher Among Older Surgery Residents

Factor VII Curbs Bleeding in Non-Hemophiliac Trauma, Surgical Patients

Survival and Functional Outcomes Good After Surgery for Ebstein Anomaly

First Heart Transplants in Children Following Donor Cardiac Death

Delayed Axillary Node Dissection Not Detrimental in Breast CA Patients…

Older Donor Grafts Suitable for Liver Transplant Recipients With Hepatitis…

Tibolone Decreases Fracture, Breast Cancer, but Doubles Stroke Risk

High HBV Viral Load at Surgery Tied to Liver Cancer…

Russian Navy Blockades Humanitarian Wheat Shipment to Georgia

Keeping Patients Awake During Surgery?

Report From the Front Lines: Study Probes Anesthesia Providers’ Role…

New Study Finds Oral Cannabis Ineffective in Treating Acute Pain

MedWatch – 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Cloth Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation…

Levitronix CentriMag Extracorporeal Blood Pumping System: CentriMag Primary Console

FDA unexpectedly rejects Schering anesthesia drug

HHS waiving retroactive beneficiary cost sharing due to increases in…

Gender Affects Recovery Course in Pediatric Burn Patients

Sentinel Node Dissection Before Preoperative Chemotherapy Improves Staging

FDA Extends Consumer Warning on Serrano Peppers from Mexico

Manufacturer for Wegmans Brand Sorbet Issues an Allergen Alert for…

Almost All Articles On Cancer Prognostic Markers Report Statistically Significant…

Calcitonin Measurement in the Evaluation of Thyroid Nodules in the…

Eradicating H. pylori Reduces Risk for Gastric Cancer Recurrence

Gender Affects Recovery Course in Pediatric Burn Patients

Urologic Disease Burden Among Veterans Underestimated

Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery May Allow Incisionless Operations

Risk of Infection, Death From MRSA Persists in Long-Term Carriers

Targeted Exercise Improves Function, Lessens Pain in Head and Neck…

Disease-Free Period Predicts Response to Salvage Therapy for Oral Cancer

Increasing Global Surgery Volume Mandates Improved Safety, Availability

HHS and DHS Announce Guidance on Pandemic Vaccination Allocation

CDC Finds Some Bird Flu Strains have Acquired Properties that…

Cord Traction Best for Placenta Removal With C-Section

Laparoscopy-Assisted Colectomy Improves Survival in Single-Center Trial

Obese Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis Benefit From Knee Replacement Surgery

Percutaneous Thrombectomy an Option in Some Cases of Pulmonary Embolism

EU OKs Drug to Reverse Neuromuscular Blockade

Adding PAND to Radical Gastrectomy Does Not Improve Survival in…

Postoperative Complication Rate May Be Higher in Patients With Mental…

President Bush Signs H.R. 5501

Basic Perioperative Tee and Vascular Access Workshop

Longer SIDS Risk for Premature Babies

Potential Neuroregulatory Basis for SIDS

Controversies of Total Mesorectal Excision for Rectal Cancer in Elderly…

Overall Outcomes Better With Laparoscopic Than Open Gastric Bypass

UK Agency Urges Doctors to Cut Antibiotics

RM Global Health has reached an agreement with the Vitafarma

HHS Deputy Secretary Tevi Troy Visits Northern Ireland

Avian influenza – AISER update

Screening Saves Lives

Guidelines for Award for Excellence in Research

Abkhazia Institute Surveillance System

Emergency Preparedness and You

Journalist Training Workshop Conducted In Botswana

A Father and Son

CMS releases reminder about NPI implementation on March 1, 2008

Weekly Error Report for 1/21/2008 – 1/27/2008

Avian influenza

Avian influenza

Staying Healthy in Abkhazia

Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Improves Hypercapnia in Cystic Fibrosis

Opioid and Nonopioid Therapies for the Management of Pain

Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions:Issue 53 – December 2007

Weekly Error Report for 12/3/2007 – 12/9/2007

Changing the Paradigm of Anticoagulation Management

Fatal Cardiac Tamponade as a Result of a Peripherally Inserted…

An Evidence-Based Algorithm for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

Weekly Error Report for 11/26/2007 – 12/2/2007

FDA MedWatch: Welch Allyn AED 10 Automatic External Defibrillators

Subject: FDA- MedWatch- Aprotinin Injection (marketed as Trasylol)

FDA MedWatch: Trasylol (aprotinin injection)

American Society of Anesthesiologists Immediate Past President

Alternative Treatments for Wounds: Leeches, Maggots, and Bees

Appendectomy During Pregnancy Increases Risk for Adverse Fetal Outcomes

Boosting Radiation to the Breast Prevents Recurrence in Young Women

Cold Medicines and Drug Results

CE course: Sport Injuries

Smithsonian Museum

Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Abkhazia

Allen Test

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

AISER and LAVI meeting in Los Angeles

GAO report confirms payment disparity between Medicare and commercial payments

Acanthamoeba Infection

Facts About Abrin

Memorandum 01207

Two “Ask the White House” Online Events This Week

2006 Distinguished Service Award: Carl C. Hug, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.

Acute Pain Management : A New Area of Liability for…

Baxter Healthcare Corp. Recalls Baxter COLLEAGUE And FLO-GARD

Baxter Healthcare Corp. and FDA notified healthcare professionals

Merck Recalls 3 Lots Of Invanz

FDA Clears First Filtering Respirator for Public Use in Emergency

ASA speaks out against new requirement of

Indications for Antidepressant use in patients with chronic pain disorders

Avian influenza

HHS Team Assists in the Mission of the USNS Comfort…

HHS Team Goes Ashore with Mission of the USS Peleliu…

August 2007 Newsletter for the President’s Malaria Initiative Now Available

HHS Experts Respond to Outbreak of Marburg Fever in Uganda

Review of Precautions of Antidepressant Therapy

Safe & Sound – Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions Newsletter

Illegal Tourism in Abkhazia can cause devastating outbreak of cholera

CVC Site Care Procedure

Pharmacological Intervention for patients with CHD

Guideline for nurse in Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Clinic

Infectious Diseases in Abkhazia Pose Threat to Regional and Global…

Dosage Adjustment in Special Populations

International Drug Screen Collections

A Diver Unconscious at the Surface after a Recreational Dive

Acute Onset of Fever and Right-Sided Abdominal Pain in a…

Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease

Opioid Drugs

Wastes from health-care activities

Avian influenza – situation in Indonesia – update 10

Intravenous Push Drug Administration

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Computer Expert System “Antropos” in the Medical Practice

Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions Newsletter

Risk of Traumatic Injury

Comfort Measures Policy for Children Hospital

U.S. Government Report on Activities to Combat Trafficking in Persons…

Memorandum 01107

A 67-Year-Old Man with Pulmonary Infiltrates and Hemoptysis

HHS Secretary Leavitt Addresses the World Health Assembly

HHS Secretary Leavitt Leads the U.S. Delegation at the World…

Memorandum 01007

Take action toward fair Medicare anesthesia payment—

Modification of a method of Tetrapolar Reoencepahlography

New-Onset Wheezing in a 66-Year-Old Man

Migraine Newsletter

Altered Mental Status in a Man with Depression


Dr. Ramaz Mitaishvili Leads RMGH Delegation to Beverly Hills Conference



New Medicare Anesthesiology Teaching Rule legislation for 2007!

CDC Makes Progress in Addressing Global Staffing Challenges

A Fall Out of Bed


CMS releases new information about National Provider Identifier (NPI) implementation


RMGH Seminar



Young Woman with Pelvic Discomfort

Emergency Plan Contributes to a Record Number of People on…


Egg Allergy

Gerberding Receives Surgeon General’s Medal




FDA Approves First U.S. Vaccine for Humans Against the Avian…

Course announcement and invitation: Applied Epidemiology Course


Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Awarded the Highest Honor of the…

Adult Infectious Diseases in the Outpatient and Inpatient Settings

First-Aid for Poisonings

How Slow Can You Go?

Temperature-taking tips





Choking with Eating

New Deadline for Third and Final Round of Applications under…


Acute Abdominal Pain



Notice Regarding the Revised CMS-1500 Form




How Can I Find an Allergist/Immunologist?

Are There Serious Side Effects or Reactions?

Are Allergy Shots Safe?

How Do Allergy Shots Help?

Could My Child Benefit From Allergy Shots?

Materials of Companies Meeting

Attention: ECG Completion




Issue 40 – November 2006

2013 Scholarship Program

Jobs and Careers

An An Tran


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